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Hiwa Foundation

Hiwa Foundation

Hiwa Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization based in the city of Slemani, Kurdistan of Iraq. It was established on March 6, 2013 by a Kurdish business man (Hiwa Rauf).



Hiwa Foundation is working to enable creativity and perfection. The aim is to see positive results in the next generation and helping men and women to reach full potential of their ambitions and dreams.  



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Featured projects

Coming soon

Leadership Program
Hiwa Foundation will implement a leadership program in a secondary school to teach leadership and life skills to students.
TED Show on TV
Hiwa Foundation is working on receiving the license from TED to make an agreement with one of the TV Channels to have an official TED Show for the first time.
The 8th Habit
Hiwa Foundation is working on translating this new book into Kurdish. It’s coming out very soon.


Platform Partners

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European Union Film Festival
European Union Film Festival: Dialogue and Reconciliation through Cultural Interaction for a Peaceful Iraq, Hiwa Foundation, in association with Vinci Interior Design and Architecture, partnered with the European Union diplomatic missions, hosted the 1st EU Film Festival in Sulaimani city, the cultural hub of Kurdistan Region.
Mr. Hiwa Rauf, the Founder of the Hiwa Foundation donated IQD150,000,000 to Rani Shahidan Campaign. Ranji Shahidan was a nation-wide effort to fundraise for the families of ‪Peshmerga‬.
Hiwa Foundation with help of the Shady Kindergarden has worked on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids books to produce it to a story telling video for the kids. The plan is to distribute the video story to the kindergartens in Slemani and the Kurdistan Region.
The foundation stone for Rauf Ali Afandi School is laid today, 10/08/2014. The school is constructed on Twi Malik Street and will consist of 18 classes, 5 labs, and one big hall for events.
Hiwa Foundation is the first organization in the Kurdistan region to add the Kurdish Language to the TED website and translate more than 150 talks in to Kurdish.
On Saturday, 20/09/2014 Hiwa Foundation launched the Kurdish Edition of Lean In. This edition is translated to Kurdish by Pasar Sherko Abdullah. The book is available at Qawaxanay kltury for sale.
Jyanewe Campaign
Hiwa Foundation as one of the organizers and the supporters donated $100,000 to the Jyanewe campaign.
The Hiwa Foundation Profile for the works they have done during the past year is launched.Thanks to the help of Hama Advertising Agency for the great job.
Caillou Film Cartoon
Hiwa Foundation was able to buy the official license of the Caillou Film Cartoon to translate and dub it into Kurdish. It is shown on Kirkuk TV now.
Lean In.Org & Hiwa Foundation
Hiwa Foundation is now an official partner with Lean In. Lean IN is partner with 312 companies and organizations around the world, and we are very glad to say that Hiwa Foundation is the only organization in Kurdistan and Iraq for Lean In to become a partner with.
Kids Lining Up to Get Their Gifts
Hiwa Foundation and Awat Newspaper visited Qalawa camp for internally displaced people to give the kids there, some Eid gifts.