KU: Hiwa Foundation Endowment Fund and AUIS Announce New Student Scholarships

هاوبەشی پێبکە

KU: Hiwa Foundation and The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) are pleased to announce the establishment of the Hiwa Foundation Endowment Funds to support the education of selected students at AUIS who demonstrate financial need. The scholarship will cover tuition fees and is open to students of all undergraduate and Academic Preparatory programs. The selection of the students is conducted by a special committee consisting of AUIS staff members and two members of the Hiwa Foundation Corporate Development team. The scholarship is awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, adhering to the minimal criteria of AUIS. An initial 8 student have been selected for the Funds and every January a new student will be added. To announce the Funds Hiwa Foundation hosted a lunch to meet with the selected students. During the lunch the students talked about their backgrounds, their aspirations and hopes for the future. Mr. Hiwa Rauf and Mrs. Nien Abdulla, co founders of Hiwa Foundation, introduced themselves and talked about their own experiences in education and their career development.