The Leader in Me – Kurdistan

Hiwa Foundation worked in collaboration with Azmar College for Talented Students, to design and facilitate a unique training programme to enhance the skills and productivity of the participating students. ‘The Leader in Me’ draws on the world-class content and tools of FranklinCovey, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The program focuses on building 21st century skills in students, increasing their self-confidence, teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.

The project adopts a holistic approach, involving students, staff and parents, and seeks to transform the culture and performance of the whole school. The pilot project aims to develop and adapt the methodology, taking into consideration the cultural and social context of the region. Hiwa foundation believes that young people from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq need to enter the ever-linking global community well equipped. Educators, business leaders, and parents alike are increasingly seeing new types of mindsets, skill-sets, and tools, as being a vital part of any student’s future employability and their capacity to navigate the 21st century global community.

This is the first time that ‘Leader in Me’ has ever been implemented in Iraq. Hiwa Foundation designed this project and chose Azmar College for Talented Students as an implementing partner. The project is run as a pilot, for a bigger educational programme that could potentially be rolled out across the region in partnership with the Directorate and Ministry for Education.