The Last Girl

Author: Nadia Murad With Jenna Krajeski

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The Last Girl

Discover the gripping memoir, “The Last Girl,” penned by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad. This powerful account recounts her upbringing in the Yazidi village of Kocho near Sinjar and the harrowing ordeal of her abduction and captivity by ISIS militants. Like numerous other Yazidi women and girls, she was subjected to the horrors of the ISIS slave trade, enduring physical and emotional torment. Ultimately, with the assistance of a Muslim family, she managed to escape.

Nadia’s life mission is to bear witness to the atrocities committed by ISIS and shed light on the use of sexual violence in conflict, becoming a relentless advocate for women’s rights. Her dedication and courage earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018.

“The Last Girl” is a compelling testament to her experience and a rallying call to action that resonates with audiences worldwide. It is essential reading for those seeking to comprehend the historical and contemporary struggles of the indigenous people in this region.