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Our Staff

Programme ManagerProgramme Manager

Programme Manager

Shiereen Saib was born in Sulaimani but was raised and educated in The Netherlands, where she obtained a degree in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. At the age of 16 she became the national coordinator of the Youth Council at the Federation of Refugee Organisations in The Netherlands and she has been active in the field of migration, diversity and empowerment ever since. She has worked as a legal consultant at the Dutch Refugee Council. In the last 15 years she has developed and managed projects for several organisations around social participation, empowerment and diversity in The Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. She is also an experienced facilitator and trainer. In 2014 Shiereen moved back to Sulaimani and very soon she got involved with Hiwa Foundation.

Chra A. HamaChra A. Hama

Communications and Coordination Associate

Chra A. Hama is an English Language graduate from the University of Sulaimani . She is currently working at Hiwa Foundation as Project Manager.

Nian AbdullaNian Abdulla

Co-Founder & President

Mrs. Nian Abdullah is prominently known for her strategic thinking, Social work for the unprivileged, specifically in female community and her contribution in the corporate world as a human resource consultant. She was born

on May 24th 1959. A mother of three successful entrepreneurs & wife of a famous Iraqi business tycoon, Nian graduated in chemical engineering from university of Baghdad in 1980. Ever since her graduation she never stopped her professional career despite very difficult social, economical and political circumstances in northern Kurdish part of Iraq.
She worked in various industries at grass root level ranging from sugar mills, Ladies garment factories to multinational telecommunication companies while establishing her family and maintaining her interest in the community development of Iraqi women and Iraqi youth. Her success in all walks of life proves that a determined woman with a right attitude, education and vision can thrive in any society.
In 2012 Nian decided to establish an NGO / Foundation with her husband and Co-founder Mr Hiwa Rauf to serve the community of Iraq with a vision of increasing awareness in Iraqi women and youth regarding basic civic elements like education as well the health care for female population.
Today Hiwa Foundation is one of Iraqs leading NGOs involved education and women development sector and has recently published many translated books for youth empowerment, poverty alleviation and for professional development of young executives. Partnership with Lean-in can be seen as the seriousness and vision of Nian and her team to work aggressively for achieving a better path towards to goal of an enlightened community.